“Where He CALLS us, He will EQUIP us.” – Kerri Weems


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Clueless ( Paperback )


Moms: this one’s just for you!

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“If you will simply focus on becoming who God is calling you to be and on building your family into what He created it to be, then your specific style of parenting will emerge as the natural by-product.”

Motherhood is a precious gift from God and one of the most incredible experiences a woman can go through. It’s also a major transition that none of us come quite fully equipped to navigate. While there are several books and resources that will help you prepare for what to expect when you bring baby home….moms: this one’s just for you! In this book, Kerri Weems helps us to navigate through several of the issues new moms face in an insightful, biblical, yet light-hearted way. Whether you’re getting ready to embark on this wonderful season of life for the first time, or even if you’ve been a mom for a while, but are still puzzled adapting to the change and stretch motherhood brings – Clueless is for you.

Discover how to make the transition through this wonderful season of life and enjoy being a mom, while still being the unique you God created you to be!

If you are looking for the EBOOK version to read on your digital device, purchase the ebook here.

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